Notice to Our Prospective Jurors:

We are taking the upmost precautions to protect the health and safety of our jurors and have developed processes that are in place.

  • Mandatory Facial Coverings – Employees and members of the public will be required to wear facial coverings within the courthouse.
  • Physical Distancing – We have implemented 6-foot physical distancing policies throughout the courthouse with floor and seat guides to assist and remind of physical distancing.
  • Elevator use is being restricted to 1-2 users at a time.
  • We are significantly reducing the number of jurors being asked to report for jury service at any one time, in support of social distancing.
  • We are having small group of jurors into the courtroom at a time.
  • Enhanced Sanitation – We have increased the amount of routine cleaning, with a focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas including elevators, escalator rails, courtrooms, jury assembly rooms and restrooms.
  • Jurors are encouraged to follow the instructions on their postcard summons and visit our “Juror Portal” page to complete the on-line questionnaire.
  • Jurors that have questions regarding jury summons are encouraged to visit our website, email or call the number on your postcard.
  • Jurors over the age of 65 or individuals with underlying health conditions may request a postponement.

Americans with Disabilities

If you need certain accommodations such as assistance with hearing amplification, or special seating, please click here to complete the Request for Accommodations form or contact Jury Administration as 1-866-402-8579.
failure to appear

Failure to Appear/Respond to a Jury Summons

Find information if you failed to appear for your jury service.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you serve on a jury? How long does a trial take? Will you be compensated as a juror? Get the answers to these and other questions on our FAQ page.