Several judicial officers provide tentative rulings for the convenience of attorneys and parties. The Court follows the procedure set forth in CRC 3.1308(a)(2). Tentative rulings are typically posted by 3 PM on the day before the scheduled hearing.
If you experience difficulty accessing the rulings you may obtain the tentative by calling:

  • For departments S16, S26, S32 – (909) 521-3085
  • For departments S17, S29, S30 – (909) 708-8853
  • For departments S22, S27 – (909) 521-3447
  • For departments S23, S24 – (909) 521-3297
  • For departments S25, S28, S31, S33 – (909) 708-8756

If you wish to submit on the tentative, please notify opposing counsel/party and the department judicial assistant. If all sides submit, the tentative ruling shall become the court's final ruling. The prevailing party shall give notice of the ruling or prepare an Order if appropriate per CRC 3.1312.

You may not submit if the tentative ruling directs the parties to appear.