Acorn Uploading Requirements

Official Certified Shorthand Reporter

Official Court Reporters (Employees) for the Superior Court of San Bernardino are required to upload their notes into ACORN every other Friday when payroll is due.

Pro Tem Certified Shorthand Reporter

Pro Tem Court Reporters hired per diem by the Superior Court of San Bernardino are required to upload their notes into ACORN at the end of their assignment, prior to submitting their bill.

Who may I contact if I have a question regarding a Court Reporter?

District Phone Number
Appeals Division (909) 708-8602
Barstow District (760) 718-3708
Fontana District (909) 320-5042
Joshua Tree District (760) 974-3017
Juvenile Delinquency District (909) 269-8866
Juvenile Dependency District (909) 269-8866
Rancho Cucamonga District (909) 285-3557
San Bernardino Justice Center (909) 708-8653
San Bernardino Child Support Division (909) 269-8805
San Bernardino Historic Family Law Division (909) 708-8133
Victorville District (760) 269-4871

How Do I Request a Court Reporter Transcript?

Requests for Court Reporter Transcripts may be submitted via email directly to the court reporter. In order to process your request, we will need to include the following information in your email:

  • Name and telephone number of requester (Required information)
  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Name of Judge
  • Courtroom number
  • Location of Courthouse where Hearing/Trial was held
  • In the Subject Line indicate “Transcript Request"

After receiving your request, the court reporter will provide you with an estimate of the cost. You will then need to make arrangements with the court reporter for payment. Once financial arrangements and payment has been made, the court reporter will prepare the transcript per your request.

Note: Please allow one week to be contacted by the reporter with an estimate. If you do not see the name of the reporter on the list below or have not been contacted in one week regarding your request for a transcript please call the district where the case was heard and ask to speak to the Court Reporter Coordinator. A list of court reporter coordinators shown above. The coordinator will be able to assist you with this matter.

List of Reporter's Email by Last Name

Albritton Cathy Email
Anderson Craig Email
Anderson Mary Email
Appleby Ida Email
Assad  Deana Email
Austin Stephanie Email
Baldwin Linda Email
Bernard Maureen Email
Borchard Rhonda Email
Borje Teresa Email
Brown Rhonda Email
Capen Michelle Ann Email
Castro Lindy Email
Chamberlain Tricia Email
Cortinas Rita Email
Daversa Kerri Email
Diggs Karen Email
Elia Brenda Email
Esparza Rachel Email
Fata Numia Email
Finazzo Deonna Email
Foster Valerie Email
Garcia Cynthia Email
Giuliany Chelsea Email
Gonzalez Rocio Email
Granado Bernadette Email
Greenlee Gail Email
Harrison Wanda Email
Hendrix Leisha Email
Heraldez Nancy Email
High Teresa Email
Hinkle Stormy Email
Horstmeyer Kimberly Email
Hunley Loni Email
Jelke Lisa Email
Jordan Dawn Email
Keil Susan Email
Keogh Rochelle Email
Lane Carrie Email
Livoni Phillip Email
Lucero Wendy Email
Macias Deena Email
Macias Frances Email
Madrigal Theresa Email
Manning Shawna Email
Masih Rowena Email
Medina Julia Email
Medrano Barbara (Amy) Email
Melendez Glenora Email
Morrow Kimberly Email
Moss Kellie Email
Narez-Armbruster Julie Email
Nestle Tracy Email
Ogaz Peggy Email
Ortega Cheryl Email
Ozburn Conception Email
Parra Rachel Email
Parsons Michelle Email
Posey Sharon Email
Quintanilla Julie Email
Reid Marianne Email
Roelle Barbara Email
Rogers Debbie Email
Sager Lori Email
Sanders Laura Email
Scheinfeld Sarah Email
Sellers Kathy Email
Stakes Denise Email
Swal Michele Email
Thompson Deborah Email
Tomlinson Tamoi Email
Troli Traci Email
Tulcan Anna Email
Vasquez Alicia Email
Vasquez Lawana Email
Vega Regina Email
Villegas Vickie Email
Wise Sophia Email
Zamores Kathleen Email