Mission Statement

Our court exists to preserve and protect rights and to effect fair resolutions of all disputes brought to the court


To create efficient, transparent, innovative services with trained, well qualified employees to provide stable and consistent access to justice stakeholders.

Superior Court of San Bernardino County is one of 58 trial courts in California serving the largest county in the contiguous United States―reaching south of the San Bernardino Mountains, to the Nevada border and the Colorado River. Larger than the state of Massachusetts and Vermont combined, San Bernardino County is 12% of California’s geographic area.

If you move San Bernardino County to the Bay Area, it covers all, or part of, twenty-three counties.

Encompassing 24 cities and 104 unincorporated communities, the court serves a population of 2,035,210. The court encompasses 13 court facilities throughout the county’s 20,105 square miles.

San Bernardino’s judicial officers hear every case type under state law including civil, probate, mental health, family, juvenile dependency and delinquency, criminal, and traffic. A judge and jury sometimes hear witness testimony and other evidence and decide cases by applying the relevant law to the relevant facts. Cases range from disputes between landlords and tenants to corporate lawsuits; guardianships to court-ordered treatment in a psychiatric hospital; and simple traffic infractions to homicide.

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CASE TYPE FY 2017-18
Civil Unlimited 10,747
Civil Limited 19,051
Small Claims/Other Civil 11,044
Unlawful Detainer (eviction) 11,350
Felonies 13,901
Misdemeanors 37,284
Infractions (non-traffic) 4,688
Criminal Habeas 440
Dissolutions, Nullity, Legal Separation, and Family Law Adoptions 28,043
Juvenile Delinquency 6,516
Juvenile Dependency 14,504
Mental Health 1,324
TRAFFIC 188,028

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Budget and Finance Information